0 RabbitMQ Nodes / No results found

I'm using latest Metricbeat and trying to collect data from rabbitmq, yet see nothing via Kibana...

# cat /etc/metricbeat/modules.d/rabbitmq.yml 
- module: rabbitmq
  metricsets: ["node", "queue"]
  period: 10s
  hosts: [""]

  username: guest
  password: guest
# netstat -nat | grep 15672
tcp6       0      0 :::15672                :::*                    LISTEN     

The hosts line looks wrong, it should be a non-zero IP address, probably

@tudor sorry, - Wikipedia IS valid address, rabbitmq is not listening on, yet per netstat, it listens on

to prove my point, my redis is configured similar to rabbitmq and metricbeat IS able to collect data without any issues:

# ls r*.yml
rabbitmq.yml  redis.yml
# grep hosts: r*
rabbitmq.yml:  hosts: [""]
redis.yml:  hosts: [""]

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