1 cluster on 2 datacenters?

(Jonathan Aaron) #1

I have 2 datacenters where I'm trying to distribute 3 master nodes. 2 in one center and 1 in another? Would this be considered 2 clusters? And if so should I have 3 nodes per datacenter to prevent split brain?


(Mark Walkom) #2

We don't recommend this sort of deployment because it's difficult to manage.
If you get network timeouts then things start rebalancing, plus you need to figure out which datacentre you want to basically consider unavailable when you have a network split.


So, having 2 datacenters but with there own 3 master nodes, 2 nodes with 4 shards and one client node on each datacenter cluster be a better option with respect to network management? Considering the primary shards and replicas shards will not be on the same datacenter.

(Mark Walkom) #4

Having two separate clusters is best.

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