1) How to integrate Elasticsearch-Hadoop with MySQL DB at the backend and User interface developed in dhtmlx, Spring. 2) Also how to integrate Elasticsearch-Hadoop with Services written in Spring MVC

  1. How to integrate Elasticsearch with MySQL DB at the backend and User interface developed in dhtmlx, Spring. 2) Also how to integrate Elasticsearch with Services written in Spring MVC.

Please consider latest versions for all softwares.

You can use Logstash to integrate ES with MySQL.

Not sure about the rest.

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Thanks, for your reply.
I have few questions. 1) What is the maximum data that can be fetched from MySQL DB into ElasticSearch via Logstash. I read that as per the jdbc plugin doc, this is configured in this plugin using the jdbc_fetch_size configuration option. Please suggest more documents to read on this. Also, we install the Logstash & Elasticsearch on the server, do we need to take into consideration of the server space requirements to store elasearch data. I am unable to see any documents or information regarding this. Please suggest any links or documents with respect to that.
2) Also, I have a question regarding ES-Hadoop. We don't have Hadoop as of now but is it a good idea to use ES-Hadoop instead of Logstash?.Will there be any additional advantage using ES-Hadoop instead of Logstash.?. Please clarify my doubt.
3) How do you integrate the Elasticsearch with the frontend (our custom UI Portal) which is currently accessing MySQL data using Java and Spring interfaces. I want to use the data in elasticsearch instead of MySQL, is this possible from my custom UI Portal.? If Yes, how. If possible, please provide links or documentation regarding this.

Thank you in advance....

  1. That's something you need to test, your data and systems will be different to others and so will the fetch size.
  2. If you don't have hadoop, then why do you want to install it?
  3. You need to do that yourself.

Thank you for your kind support...

I am trying to use logstash-input-jdbc plugin. Could you please tell how to proceed with using the plugin . I see the plugin details doc, but it is not much helpful.

Hi Friends,

I have a problem extracting data from MySQL to Elasticsearch via Logstash.
Suppose I have two different schemas and one table in each of them. Now, we search data from those
tables using a LEFT OUTER JOIN query. How do we configure in the config file.

Schema xyz --> Table1 ; Schema pqr --> Table2 ; joined by a left outer join.
Please suggest ways to extract data from MySQL to elasticsearch using logstash.

Thank you in advance....

You should really start a new thread, this doesn't have anything to do with hadoop now.