2 Exact Same Documents Being Ranked Differently

I'm trying to track down an issue where 2 simple documents I'm testing are
being ranked quite a bit differently.

For testing purposes, I'm only searching against one field, "keywords". The
only word in that field for both documents is "jefferson". However, when I
search for the word "jefferson", one has a score of "0.30685282" and the
other is "1.4054651". I would expect the documents to have the same score
and can't figure out why they're different.

Here's my query: https://gist.github.com/randyjensen/49ee07abd48878b06600

I've disabled norms in my mappings and have also checked the explain object
that's returned with the query, but everything seems to be the same.

Here's a gist of the return
object: https://gist.github.com/randyjensen/c5e9d40448a7b86fb3c9

Is my query wrong somehow?

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