2 filtered aliases with filters of first alias included in the filters of the second?

Hi all,

So far I have one alias defined as (pythonAPI):
bod = { "filter": { "bool": { "must": [ { "term": {"client": "CC"} }, { "term": {"meta": 1} } ], } }} es.indices.put_alias(index=INDEX_NAME, name="meta_CC", body=bod)

Now I want to define a new alias for the same client, also for meta==1 and in addition only for entries having another field PPP==1. SO I would do:

bod = { "filter": { "bool": { "must": [ { "term": {"client": "CC"} }, { "term": {"meta": 1} } , { "term": {"PPP": 1} } ], } }} es.indices.put_alias(index=INDEX_NAME, name="meta_CC_P1", body=bod)

What I don't know is what happens to documents wich match both filters? I.e docs with:

client==CC, meta==1 and PPP=1 ?

I for sure can find them looking in the alias meta_CC_P1, but will they also be found in the alias meta_CC?

If they are found in both, is the only way to not have them in both to add a PPP!= 1 to the meta_CC alias? And if this is true, is it possible to update an alias or I need to create a new one?