2 instances of packetbeat on the same server but on kibana monitor i see only 1

hi guys

i have 2 instances of packetbeat on the same server.
i'v enabled "xpack.monitoring.enabled" on both of them.

on kibana monitoring i only see one of them,
if i disable one of them i see still see one beat on kibana
if i disable both of them then i stop seeing info on kibana

can i change the "id" of one packetbeat instance ?

This sounds like you run both instances with similar configurations. The data directory must not be shared. Packetbeat store a file name meta.json in there, holding an unique ID per instance. Running two instances with the same data dir will have both instances report the same IDs.

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wow, you were right !
just changed the "path.data" directory and now its working fine

thank you!

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