HeartBeat Shows more than 1 line of the same instance

So every time i restart hearbeat then go check kibana i see that it re-indexes ES and Kibana again for some reason, like it would show 2 of each as up and running, but its not supposed to do that, there should be only one index/instance of each.

How can i do that, or what am i doing wrong here? please let me know if you need anything from my end to help fix this.

FYI: i've only setup the ES and Kibana hosts and filebeat in the .yml file, on ports ES:9200, KI:5601 and FB:9600

any help or guidance is greatly appreciated!

Does the config file change between reboots? If you change a monitor's config it's automatically hashed monitor.id setting will change.

At any rate, the likely fix here is explicitly setting monitor.id. See the docs here