Monitoring shows details of only one beat instance

I am using Elastic / Logstash / Kibana (v6.2.3) and there are 22 instances of Filebeat (v6.1.2) configured to monitor. The monitoring page shows the Filebeat count as 22. But when I navigate to instance tab, only one of them is listed. I have a basic license applied.




The monitoring stats come associated with a beat instance UUID so queries to Elasticsearch can separate stats from one instance the rest. If you're experiencing this issue, that means that all of your Beat instances are using the same UUID.

Delete the meta.json file in the data directories of every instance. When the Beat restarts, it will generate a new UUID for itself and they'll no longer all have the same UUID.

@tsullivan That didn't work. But i just tried upgrading Filebeat to latest version (6.2.4) and it is showing up all the instances.

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