Heartbeat hostname

Hi all...
On my networks I have enable heartbeat to monitor all networks devices via ICMP (ping).
It's works fine but it is possible to associate at one host one human readable name on kibana for each hosts?

Yes, set the name option. This will be displayed more prominently in upcoming releases.

Hi @Andrew_Cholakian1, I have add the name option.
Next I have checked configuration, rebuild index management and restart heartbeat.
Next, in elasticsearch, I have delete old index of heartbeat.
After a few minutes, the index reload on elasticsearch, but in uptime menu on kibana I see a empty page with monitor and error that loading but this page remaing empty.
Do you can help me to refresh the data on kibana?

You probably have an old heartbeat process running in the background. Try stopping all running heartbeats, then deleting heartbeat* then starting heartbeat.

Hi @Andrew_Cholakian1,
thanks a lot. I have solved!!!

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