20GB disk space consumed in a few minutes


First of all, I have searched and read every post about this, but I could not found anything in particulary.

It's been two months since I have integrated AWS ES service in my application, and three times happened this:

There is a time when the index start consuming all the disk space. The last time the index was about 30GB

AWS ES service config:

  • Data node: 2
  • Data node types: m3.medium.elasticsearch
  • Dedicated master instance count: 3
  • Dedicated master instance type: t2.small.elasticsearch.
  • Capacity of each data node: 100GB.
  • ES version: 2.3

The problem is that in less than thirty minutes one of the node free storage size went from 21 GB to 0 GB, we did not know how this happened.

I am thinking that a merge happened, but I am not sure. I have attached the a graph of the minimum free storage space

Thanks in advance!

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