3 Easy questions; how to merge, how to extend size and how to change color of metric


Using latest chrome and Kibana 4.5.1

The title doesn't really explain my problem.
First look at this picture:


I want to achieve three things:

  1. Extend the length of the visualization. In a way that the visited URL's are visible in one visualization. So it doesn't show http://blaze/... but http://blaze/something.php (extend the three dots to the full URL)
    I tried to extend it with the enlarge button, which is down right on the visualization. But that only extend the circle and not the text.

  2. I want to insert the number of visited URL's in the 'URL' visualization itself. Now I have 2 visualizations, I want to merge these.

  3. I want to change the color of the 4. And change the text 'Unique count of URL' to 'Something'.

  1. This isn't currently possible. :frowning: I've linked to the enhancement request on GitHub below.
  2. This also isn't possible. There's no way to merge two visualizations into one.
  3. It's not possible to change the color, but it is possible to change the label (depending on the version of Kibana you're using). If you expand the metric, there should be a "Custom Label" field that allows you to create your own label.

Thanks for the reply.

Since #1 isn't possible, i'm trying something else.

Is it possible to display unique strings in a visualization, taken from the Discover tab?

For example;
I've got 121 url's, with string; http://google.nl
And got 119 url's with string: http://google2.nl

Is it possible to display in my dashboard:
51% http://google.nl (121 hits)
49% http://google2.nl (119 hits)

Nvm got it. My string has to be 'not_analyzed'.
And I need to create a 'data table' visualization.