33 Days left to Berlin Buzzwords 2011

hey folks,

BerlinBuzzwords 2011 is close only 33 days left until the big Search,
Store and Scale opensource crowd is gathering
in Berlin on June 6th/7th.

The conference again focuses on the topics search,
data analysis and NoSQL. It is to take place on June 6/7th 2011 in Berlin.

We are looking forward to two awesome keynote speakers who shaped the world of
open source data analysis: Doug Cutting, founder of Apache Lucene and
Hadoop) as
well as Ted Dunning (Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies
and active
developer at Apache Hadoop and Mahout).

We are amazed by the amount and quality of the talk submissions we
got. As a result
this year we have added one more track to the main conference. If you haven't
done so already, make sure to book your ticket now - early bird tickets are
already sold out since April 7th and there might not be many tickets left.

As we would like to give visitors of our main conference a reason to stay in
town for the whole week, we have been talking to local co-working spaces and
companies asking them for free space and WiFi to host Hackathons right after the
main conference - that is on June 8th through 10th.

If you would like to gather with fellow developers and users of your project,
fix bugs together, hack on new features or give users a hands-on introduction to
your tools, please submit your workshop proposal to our wiki:


Please note that slots are assigned on a first come first serve basis. We are
doing our best to get you connected, however space is limited.

The deal is simple: We get you in touch with a conference room provider. Your
event gets promoted in our schedule. Co-Ordination however is completely up to
you: Make sure to provide an interesting abstract, provide a Hackathon
registration area - see the Barcamp page for a good example:


Attending Hackathons requires a Berlin Buzzwords ticket and (then free)
registration at the Hackathon in question.

Hope I see you all around in Berlin,