5.5.0 Filter by date and keep historical data

I need to plot some data in differents columns: the first one shows data of a specific date and the second one shows the average historical data (for example the average of some field).

When I plot it in a dashboard, I'll want to filter by date (for example, showing data for August 1st OR 2nd OR... ) on the first column.
Can I do it without changing the data showed in the column with the historical data?

Example: I have a Vertical Bar Chart.
Column A has info of August 1st.
Column B has the average of all historical data.
When I put it on my dashboard, I want the column A to show info about September 5th but keep my historical data on column B.

How can I do it?

Timelion, https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/timelion.html, is designed for problems like these and will allow you to compare current data with historical data

I've been looking for some information about timelion but I have some questions:

I saw that I can make a timelion dashboard visualize unaffected by dashboard filters using

But this is my problem:

  1. I have a dashboard
  2. In that dashboard I have 2 visualizes
  3. Visualize 1 is timelion's with .es(kibana=false)
  4. In visualize 2, I filter by date
  5. Visualize 1 is filtered by date too

Do you know how can I get the first visualization unaffected by this?


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