5.5.2 Query multiple word search of a specify field/s

Hi We currently have upgraded from 2.3.4 to version 5.5.2 and we are running the same query in 5.5.2 that we used to run in 2.3.4. The results do not come back as expected and when we look for that particular record it is there with our search terms.

We are searching for "New add*" and we know that this record exists for the specified fields.

{"query":"New add*",
"fields ["full_address","postal_code"],
"default_operator": " and "}}...>

So when we search for "New add*" this does not return any results but if we remove the star and search for "New add" this returns the expected result. We want to be able to search for multiple words with potential using * after the word/s.

Also when using the same query structure as above but searching for "New*", this does return the results we are expecting.

It seems that the query can not handle searching for multiple words with a wildcard search but I have added analyze_wildcard=true.

Could you help/assist me with this issue?

Many Thanks

This issue is holding us currently and is effecting our rollout of the new version of Elasticsearch.

I would very much appreciate a guidance to this issue.

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