5.6 > 7.9 upgrade, auto_generate_phrase_query alternatives?


I'm upgrading my codebase's ElasticSearch from 5.6 to 7.x due to some features I'd like to explore.

I'm currently using GoLang & "github.com/olivere/elastic/v5" specifically.

However, auto_generate_phrase_query has been depreciated, and AutoGeneratePhraseQueries no longer works on v7 (or v6) ("github.com/olivere/elastic/v7").

I've read to use explicit quoted queries, is there no setting i can set to true/false in ES when making requests to achieve this? Must i explicitly wrap my queries in quotation marks? Surely there must be a proper way to do this...

Ontop of this question, this might seem like a novice question, but is there performance updates in newer versions of ES or is it strictly Functionality updates?


I can't answer the first part sorry.

Both. There's been tonnes of performance improvements from 5.X to 7.X :slight_smile:

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for taking the time of day to respond to me! This is more incentive to upgrade!

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The best similar thing i could get was using "type": "phrase" for any future lurkers having a similar needs!

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