7.16.1: Interacting with a cell on a 'Discovery' pane in a dashboard results in a blank page being displayed

Hi All,

After upgrading to from 7.15.2 to 7.16.1 yesterday I've noticed that when I try to view the contents of any cell within a 'discovery' view on a dashboard it now results in a blank page being displayed, rather than the full detailed content of the cell being shown in a smaller pop-out window.

The correct behaviour still works when viewing the Discovery directly (i.e. not embedded within a dashboard) but from the Dashboard it seems to have stopped working.

Instead of this in the 'Discovery' view:

I just see this when trying the same from within a Dashboard:

This looks like a bug,
Would you mind filing it here:

Thanks for the response Anton,

I've raised the issue as you suggested:


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