7.4.2 SearchHits not supporting elasticsearch-sql


I am using elasticsearch 7.4.2 and I am using transport client as well as REST api.
In my use case I need to work with joining the index, so I am using elasticsearch-sql-

And I am using org.elasticsearch.plugin.nlpcn package and its class (ElaticJoinExcetuor)

QueryAction sourceQueryAction = ESActionFactory.create(esClient, query);;
HashJoinElasticRequestBuilder explain = (HashJoinElasticRequestBuilder) sourceQueryAction.explain();
HashJoinElasticExecutor executor = new HashJoinElasticExecutor(esClient,explain);
executor .run()

This executor.run() calling which is in ElasticJoinExecutor. In this method we getting result from
this.results = new SearchHits(hits, resultsSize,1.0f);

here resultSize is an int and the 7.4.2 jar not have a method with int, instead it has TotalHits.

I have checked for maven depedence for the elasticsearch-sql jar, is the latest. The 7.4.2 version searchHits class not having support for the jar.

The following is the error which I got when I executing exector.run()

Exception in thread "Thread-27" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.elasticsearch.search.SearchHits.([Lorg/elasticsearch/search/SearchHit;JF)V
at org.elasticsearch.plugin.nlpcn.ElasticJoinExecutor.run(ElasticJoinExecutor.java:66)

Kindly help me on this. I am blocked with this.

Given h thy hat this appears to be related to a third party plugin you may get a faster response if you reach out to the creators or their community.

It is also possible that it is version specific so you need to try with the appropriate version.

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