[7.5.0] Transforming .raw into .keyword

Hi there!

As the thread title states, my concern here is to loop through a specific index (maybe with an ingest pipeline) and - if possible - transform the nested .raw value into an equivalent .keyword value.

I need this since I did a reindex from a 5.0.0 to a 7.5.0 and everything went fine. Though I now have the old documents with .raw nested fields, while the new docs I'm ingesting into that index are obvously ingested with the classic .keyword.

So, if I make a visualization I have to choose if aggregate over .raw fields or .keyword fields, and that is a problem.

Any idea on how I can convert all the docs with the old standard into docs with the new standard? Being a mapping problem I'm not sure this is even possible, that's why I'm asking.

Thank you so much!

Never mind, stupid question. As I imagined it is obviously all a mapping problem. So it was sufficient to force the mapping on the landing index in the first place.

A new index (with a new template) plus a reindex forth and back fixed everything :slight_smile:

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