A few questions about Analyzers and the use of dictionaries


I currently have Elastic Search set up on my my Debian VM on Google Cloud and currently have the elastic search set up there using the Nori Analyzer as my primary analyzer.

I am able to set up a dictionary and have Nori Analyzer refer to that. However, my understanding of dictionaries are still lacking.

If I were to make a text file and have Nori Analyzer refer to that dictionary, is it appended to Nori's main dictionary list or is a new one made? ie. are the text in the custom text file its own dictionary file or is it just appended to Nori's dictionary. If it is the latter, how am I able to make custom dictionaries and have Nori refer to that?

Also, is it possible for Nori or any other Analyzer to have references to multiple dictionaries per Analyzer? If it is, how am I able to set up the Analyzer to refer to the multiple dictionaries? I am currently handling with a lot of data and it would help me organize the data better if I can have distinct dictionaries files that contain related terms and to pick the ones I need when referring to different fields.

I understand that it is also possible to set up a synonym text file for the Analyzer to refer to to match multiple terms that you want to have linked. Can I set up the synonym file directly into the dictionary text file or do I have to make a separate synonym file?

That is:

Drink; Beverage; Consumable
Metal; Plastic
Laptop; Desktop; Computer; Electronics

Will the Analyzer understand this as both a dictionary and a synonym file and apply both setting when referring to just this one text?

Sorry for all the questions. I tried to look up as much information as I can but was unable to find anything concrete that will help me.

Thank you!

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