A Kibana vis works not as expected

(Filippo Pisapia) #1

we are using elastic stack 5.4.
We have created two aliases on the same index.

"neo-vuln-ass-score-company": {
"aliases": {
"neo-va-latest-score-company": {
"filter": {
"range": {
"Date": {
"gte": "2017-09-13"
"neo-vuln-ass-score-company-alias": {}
Alias A: neo-va-latest-score-company --> only last loaded documents
Alias B:neo-vuln-ass-score-company-alias --> all loaded documents

Defining two data table one the two aliases they works as expected in visualization creation.
They works correctly also in their respective dashboards.
But putting them in the same dashboard, the Alias A view the same data as the Alias B.

(kulkarni) #2

Which version of Kibana are you using? I recall that there was a bug found with Kibana aliases which went in 6.3.0 ,

Am linking you to the PR which resolves the issue: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/16715


(Filippo Pisapia) #3

Hi, as i wrote before we are in 5.4.
But the problem is totally different.
Please tell what is not clear for you in my description.


(kulkarni) #4

Am sorry to have mis understood. This sounds like a bug to me . Can you please file it here :

May be when we triage it, we will take a closer look.


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