A little bit help with additional functionality


First of all thanks for a great tool.

Because accuracy of milliseconds is not enought, I'm adding one more collumn for a nanoseconds.
And now want to set up time interval from discover table.

I.e if we found error, then click on row, call context menu and mark it's time as the start/end of interval and so on. I've already done context menu, and trying to input this query(nanoTime:[1443188033134694000 TO *] ) to the query input control.

my code:

  $scope.$parent.updateSearchValue('nanoTime:[' + $itemScope.row._source.nanoTime + ' TO *]');


$scope.updateSearchValue = function (searchValue) {
  $scope.state.query.query_string.query = searchValue;

it's works fine, data in the table changes, querystring in browser also, but there is no data in the input control. I mean it doesnt changing

Could you help me, what shoud I do to solve it?

It i setup dirrect value to $scope.state.query then I see this error :

If then I add and remove any letter in the input - all is ok.

thank you!

Done(as usuall, in 5min after question) :slight_smile:

$scope.updateSearchValue = function (searchValue) {

  $scope.state.query.query_string.query = searchValue;
  discoverSearch.discoverSearchInput.value = searchValue;

Very nice!