A question on ILM configuration


I want to keep the index size to 50GB (since this is recommended size) and keep 10 such indices in the hot phase. After that they should move to warm phase.

I am finding it difficult to achieve this.

I have kept the maximum age as 7 days and maximum shard size as 50GB. Problem is that as soon as the 50GB mark is reached the index moves out to warm phase.

I am not sure of 7 days limit also being very useful since there is a chance that the more data arrives and I end up with more than 500GB in 4 days only.. This will exceed my hot phase node capacity. I do not know what the behaviour of the system be in that state. Will it move excess data to warm phase?

Given the size of the hot phase node the best way seems to keep just 10 index of size 50GB and then start moving them out to warm phase irrespective of their age. Is it possible?

With ILM you can only only move by age, not by number of indices like that sorry to say.

I would suggest you raise a new feature request if you would like to do this - Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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