A question on index templates

Suppose I have an index in Elasticsearch version 5.2.2 and it has a template associated with it which is having "type": "string" and "index" : "analyzed" instead of the expected "type" : "text" and "index" : "true".
So what happens when I upgrade index to 6.5.2?

As per official docs:

Templates are only applied at index creation time. Changing a template will have no impact on existing indices.

So now when I start pushing data to this index having an old template against it, what happens?
Will my access to data previous to upgrade be impacted?
And how those string (now text in 6.5.2) fields will behave?

This is a going to be a log index (log-demo-2018-12 and so on) which will be created every month. The template is configured to apply to log indices which match the format log-*. So any impact on ability of the clients to create index in the coming months?

Sorry for cramming so many questions in a single post. I feel these are all related and hence the single post.

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