A scrollable dashboard?

(Mark Duszyk) #1

I have a visualization where I track CPU load of a few hosts. I noticed that the graphs are scaled down to fit the dashboard (Split Chart / Size field). Is there a way to implement a slide bar on a side of a visualization?
Eventually, I would like to view graphs for about about 120 machines on a single "plane" and still be able to see the details.


(Mark Duszyk) #2

I found how to do that :slight_smile: silly me - put it on a dashboard and let it grow :slight_smile:

(Felix Stürmer) #3

Hi @markd,

Good to see you found a solution. For some kinds of visualizations it might also be useful to embed a Timelion visualization, which can contain multiple graphs in one set of axes.

(Mark Duszyk) #4

Hi Felix,
thanks for the tip!

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