A wrong position of Vega tooltips

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I have a problem with a tooltip position on a dashboard for second and further visualizations which are placed one above one in a row. Why it happens? How can I set the right position for the tooltip?

The code for this tooltip below.

And the second question - how can I set an indention on each new definition in a tooltip? I use "\n" command but it doesn't work. Here a code:


"type": "symbol",
"from": {"data": "at_isu_tasks"},
"encode": {
"enter": { "fill" :{
"signal": "datum.isu_task == 1 ? c_black : 0"}
"update": {
"x": {
"signal": "x_stepindexof(domain('x'), datum.hist.key) + x_step/2"
"y": {
"signal": "y_step
indexof(domain('y'), datum.type) + y_step/2"
"size": {"value": 80},
"shape": {"value": "circle"},
"fill": {
"value": "#222222"
zindex: 1
"enter": {
"tooltip": {
"signal": "'Команда: ' + datum.key + '\n' + 'Номер задачи: ' + datum.id_task + '\n' + 'Статус: ' + datum.status + '\n' + 'Назначена: ' + datum.task_start_date + '\n' + 'Кому: ' + datum.employee_name + '\n' + 'Роль: ' + datum.role"

and it is still a plain text in a tooltip window:

Expected indentions I marked with red lines.


Can you file an issue for this with all the details. We will triage it .

cc @nyuriks


Yep, a known issue, there is a workaround. See https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/25363

Thanks, Yuri.
When are you planning to fix this issue?
And what about the second question about indentions in tooltips? Is it possible to do?

@nyuriks do you have good news about that problem?

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