Ability to Deep Link to Run Graph Query

Is there a way to open the Kibana Graph UI with a URL that includes a query to run so that the UI loads with an initial graph?

The setting a query in the URL works for Discover and Visualize tabs in Kibana, but I can't seem to use that in Graph. Am I doing it wrong?

The way to do that is get the URL for a saved workspace and add a ?query=X parameter to the url where X is either:

  • a plain-text string that uses the regular query_string syntax (eg cat OR cats AND food)
  • a JSON string that is any of the regular elasticsearch Query DSL
  • a JSON string that uses the Graph API's explore syntax

We auto-detect which of the above you're using.
Example use case here showing how a risk-scoring algo creates "alert" documents in a task list that contain such hyperlinks for investigators to open risky graphs: https://youtu.be/liMhiiyQ9co?t=17m4s

Thanks Mark, this is great

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