Abount compress algorithms


as i know, elasticsearch provide two compression algorithms, lz4 and deflate. The former focused on compression and decompression speed. And the latter means more space saving.

Recently, I have done a test. I replace the default algorithms(lz4 fast) with lz4-java and I make some unique optimization since i run elasticsearch on arm server. I do some benchmarking with rally and I find its performance increased by 16%. It's amazing!

So, If we modify elasticsearch‘s code to let him support third-party algorithms such as the above(lz4-java, or other compression algorithms), will the community consider it? Or Does the community have plan to let elasticsearch support third-party algorithms not only lz4 ,deflate?


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I mean it supports native compression/decompression algorithms

Sounds interesting @Arizon, would you open a GitHub issue or even a PR with your changes so we can consider them in detail?

OK,i will

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