About a strange question

(lucas) #1

kibana server is running on linux server normally and i can view data via chrome browser for kibana api.
but some days later i also open browser and input kibana api uri but the page is not found,then i logon linux server and input that 'ps aux|grep node' and i found it's process not exist.
this problem like above description is appear more times.

my kibana edition is 4.3.0

(Mark Walkom) #2

Is there anything in the KB logs?

(lucas) #3

where is the log folder?
i cann't found it
i download the 'kibana.tar.gz' package and install it.
now i accept your suggesttion to restart kb server like this 'nohup ./kibana >> kb.log &' and then i observe it‘s process for some days.

(Khalah Jones Golden) #4

you can set the logging destination via the kibana.yml file in the config folder.

(lucas) #5

thanks,but i without rpm install and no this file.

(system) #6