About creating a metricset issue

i refer to metricbeat document

Run the following command inside my beat directory:
#make create-metricset

The results are as follows:

[elk@oam2 metricbeat-5.0.1-linux-x86_64]$ make create-metricset
make: *** No rule to make target `create-metricset'. Stop.

How to solve this problem?

Do you have call make-setup before? It should rather ask you to create a metricbeat module and and a metricset. See here for further informations.

Did you download the beats source code or a binary package?

thx! i try today

i am newbee. please tell me where is wrong. THX :smiley: Orz

I have already installed golang python virtualenv cookiecutter

Hi @Pikachu_TEX, you have to install git on your machine.

Hi i want ask some question :smiley:
Now i already get the metricbeat source code. then i creat the beat

thats no problem. follow the doc ,Step 3 - Init and create the metricset i run make setup
I do not know if this is right or wrong :joy: isee the docs about creating a metricset。
then run make collect & make so i would like to ask,where is wrong? :sweat: plz teach me , Master!

I think your beat was not copied to the correct GOPATH: https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/GOPATH

Please do not share log output as screenshots. This is very hard to read and impossible to search. Use a gist for that and link it here.

HI ! this is my GOLANG export :
#export GOROOT=/usr/local/go
#export GOBIN=$GOROOT/bin
#export GOPATH=/mnt/wwwroot/gofile

then i refer the doc

#cd /mnt/wwwroot/gofile/src/github.com/elastic/
and run command #go get github.com/elastic/beats/metricbeat
And then generate the file
Is this right??:open_mouth:

Looks ok. But which path are you in when you do ls. NO screenshots please :frowning:

Oh, sorry :joy:
Is this right?:open_mouth:

Did you just post a screenshot again?

Run the command pwd and post the output as text.

Can you perhaps elaborate on what metricset you plan to create?

En.. I just want to monitor Oracle weblogic with metricbeat. ... create a weblogic module but no detailed references found :sweat:

@Pikachu_TEX What is it with your screenshots? Can you please stop doing that?

You seem to be in the elastic directory. Now doing cd beats/metricbeat should bring you to the metricbeat directory. There you can run make create-metricset and start the development.

sorry i learn ELK was not for long :sweat:
As your said, I seem to know how to do it.
if encounter problems again, i will ask you :slight_smile:

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