Error creating a Metricset

I am trying to create a metricset using command
make create-metricset which gives me this error.

I have Golang 1.8 installed on my system.
Please help in resolving this.


Can you try to run make prepare-tests and then again make create-metricset to see if this solves the error?

Just realised you are on Windows. Makefiles do not work that well on Windows :frowning: Still it seems the error above comes from go tool cover which I would expect to exist.

What do you get if you run go tool cover? You should get a help output.

Yes, I get a help output.
Attached for your reference

Interesting. Did my first comment help?

What you can try otherwise, is running the Python command manually which is executed by the Makefile as I assume it is a Windows issue with the Makefile:

This is the command. You must replace the env variables with your actual values.

python ${ES_BEATS}/metricbeat/scripts/ --path=$(PWD) --es_beats=$(ES_BEATS) --module=$(MODULE) --metricset=$(METRICSET)

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