Make only has create-metricset

Make collect and make don't exist in the makefile of the current version of meticbeat.

What do you mean by current? Master or 7.8.1?

I checked it doesn't appear in both branches.

the makefile is very short

I think you just need to update the reference to ES_BEATS in your makefile. Where does it point now? Are you using vendoring for dependencies? What Golang version are you using?

Tnx for your reply, I missed the email so didn't see the reply.

I have the original makefile that contains this:

ES_BEATS ?= ..

include $(ES_BEATS)/dev-tools/make/

# Creates a new metricset. Requires the params MODULE and METRICSET

.PHONY: create-metricset


mage createMetricset

I guess ES_BEATS is not pointing anywhere, what shuld it point to?
Iv'e got go version go1.14.6 linux/amd64

I'm not sure exactly what is vendoring, but I'm using a clean branch and installation.

btw, I'm trying to cross compile on Linux for windows, since make collect wasn't working ( "make: *** No rule to make target 'collect'. Stop.") Iv'e been using mage collectAll in a file, but when I run it on windows I get an err Exiting: 1 error: metricset 'system/tmp' not found.
Is it because I'm not using make collect or that is another issue?
the is my build file content:


mage collectAll
mage build
go build -o metricbeat_wmi main.go
GOOS=windows GOARCH=amd64 go build -o metricbeat_wmi.exe main.go

it ended up being a version compatibility issue, I found that certain packages are keeped in different locations for different versions.
Thank you.

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