About how to embed kibana

How can we embed kibana dashboard into HTML ?

Does this help?


no its only about how to create a dashboard but i wanted to know how to embed the kibana dashboard into HTML.

Sorry, I don't get it. The section I linked to specifically describes how to obtain an HTML snippet that you can place into a web page to embed a Kibana dashboard. How does that differ from what you want to accomplish?

The link shows how to generate the dashboard and resizing. But i was looking for embedding that generated dashboard into my own HTML code to display that dashboard on a web page.

Okay, last chance. That page contains this text:

Click the Share button to display HTML code to embed the dashboard in another Web page, along with a direct link to the dashboard.

Isn't that exactly what you're looking for? Over and out.

rite now i dnot have the code will attach it soon .... But one more doubt is am i able to create visualization and dashboard using java script with input given from script itself ?

can we have multiple child for a same parent relationship in elasticsearch ???

You should ask that as a separate question. You'll get more replies if you don't drag up old posts with unrelated questions.

ok sure