About "IndexNotFoundException" after replica set

[System Info]
instance : 6ea (node : 6ea)

  • cpu : 16core
  • ram : 64GB
  • jvm heap : 16GB

We have created one index and done full indexing like the below steps.


  1. create index (refresh interval : -1, replica : 0)
  2. full indexing with bulk (total index size is 1.8GB)
  3. _flush
  4. check "commited" is true for all segments of created index (GET index_name/_segments)
  5. refresh and set refresh interval to 30s
  6. set replica to 5

When we do the last step(set replica to 5), there are so many logs "IndexNotFoundException: no segments" from master node.
And then we can't access master node because of those errors for long time..
As I described from step 4, We have checked commited status for all segments to prevent uncommited segments after _flush.
Could we know why this issue was happened and how to handle it?

This is not the whole message. It's hard to say what it means from this fragment alone. Please share exactly what you're seeing.

Also what version are you using?

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