About QueryContainerDescriptor function


I have a search document as below

  "total": 1,
  "results": [
      "id": 1346282,
      "studentname": "Casey",
      "studentnumber" :"YT2021"
      "favourbooks": [
             "id": 1,
             "bookname":"Three Little Pig",
             "AuthorName":"Steven Kellogg"
             "id": 2,
             "bookname":"Winnie The Pooh",
             "AuthorName":"A. A. Milne"

and I define student number filtering as below code is work

var filters = new List<Func<QueryContainerDescriptor<StudentDocument>, QueryContainer>>();
filters.Add(fq => fq.Terms(t => t.Field(f => f.studentnumber).Terms(request.studentnumber)));

But I don't know how to filterthe favourbooks which favourbooks is sub list of student
can anyone advise ?

Thank you

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