About the curator setting about curator.yml and action_file

(andy_zhou) #1

about the curator
can give me a example how setting the "curator.yml" and the "action_file"
thanks so much.

(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

How about the ones in the documentation?

(andy_zhou) #3

ok @theuntergeek
the filter about "timestring" ,
if the indices like
logstash-20170918-ip-122 ;

how setting the filter about it ?

(Aaron Mildenstein) #4

That timestring appears to be %Y%m%d

Do you have to use the timestring? Is the index creation_date inaccurate?

(andy_zhou) #5

the tools is difference about use curl shell tasks delete the indices?
yesterday=date --date='31 days ago' +%Y%m%d
curl -XDELETE http://xx.xx.xx.xxx:9200/-$yesterday?pretty

(andy_zhou) #6

yes the logstash index as index => "system-log-61-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}-ip-61"
how about set the timestring .

(andy_zhou) #7

i slove it
kind: regex
value: '^logs-.*ip-61'
source: creation_date

(Aaron Mildenstein) #8

Hmmm. You previously stated:

But your index pattern you're sharing (system-log-61-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}-ip-61) indicates the pattern is actually %Y.%m.%d, with periods in between.

This is another great reason to go with creation_date, which it seems you've discovered works well for you.

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