About the implements of alias, addAlias and removeAlias

Hello, I would like to ask about the methods of alias, how are addAlias and removeAlias implemented? How do they avoid problems with atomicity among other operations? For example, how to ensure that the alias information is always in the state at the beginning of the operation when performing an operation? Because I'm not very familiar with the code, I can't find the corresponding code. Thanks!

Could you please elaborate on what you are looking to achieve? What are you using aliases for?

I want to use alias for collection and if I directly delete the alias or change the relationship between alias and collections, there will be some atomicity issues. So I want to study the implementations in es.

Each change to an alias requires an update to the cluster state which in turn need to be propagated across the cluster, so I do not think frequently adding, changing or deleting aliases is a good idea if that is what you are considering. I do nowever not know a lot about the internals so will leave that for someone else.

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