About the International Communities category

We have users all over the world who are sharing Elastic stories with their local community. In addition to the language options on our discussion forums, many other online communities have sprung up so you can chat about the Elastic Stack in your native language. Use this International Communities subcategory to learn how to get connected with a user group near you.

While these communities aren't official Elastic groups, we think you'll find heaps of helpful information there. If you have an Elastic subscription and require assistance, please contact us through our official support channel.

International Communities:

Brazilian Portuguese Community

Join the Elastic Facebook Group and the Brazilian Elasticsearch Forum.

Chinese Community

Welcome to join the tencent QQ group: 190605846 for real-time discussion, and also recommend to visit the forum for help.

French Community

A french community around Elasticsearch is born. Follow @ElasticFR on twitter, join our meetups and discuss in french.

Indian Community

Join the Indian community in their Facebook group.

Israeli Community

You can find Hebrew language resources for Elasticsearch on the Israeli community website.

Japanese Community

You can register for Elasticsearch Study Sessions to learn more about Elasticsearch.

Korean Elasticsearch Facebook Group

Join the Korean community in their Facebook group.

Romanian Facebook Group

Join the Facebook group for Romania.

Russian Community

Join the Russian Discuss forum.

Spanish-Speaking Latin America Community

Join the Spanish-speaking Latin American Elasticsearch community.
If you're based in Colombia, join the Elastic Facebook group

Vietnamese Community

You can join the Vietnamese community Facebook group.

Global Communities:

Join this global Facebook groups to connect with user around the world.

Is your group's information missing?
Let us know so we can list it here, or open a new topic with the a link for community members to join.