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We have simple keywords in our docs with dates.
We would like to get all terms that were in a range of dates (14 days) that are above their monthly average of occurrences.

Is that possible?

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I think you need to fire 2 queries for that.

The first will compute the average.
The second will search for documents above.


What do you mean? If I have 1m docs, that I want to pull the highest above average in the last 14 days? how can I pipe this into 2 queries?

(David Pilato) #4

May be I did not get exactly the use case.

I'd filter the last month of data and compute an average aggregation.

Read that value from the response.

Then run a date range filter to select the last 14 days and apply as well a range filter where the value is above the value we got with the previous query.

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