Absurd behaviour in ES Cluster while using aliases

We have 3 node cluster namely
node_1, node_2 and node_3.

Have Created 3 indexes namely
Index A, B and C.

node_1 index A
node_2 index B
node_3 index c

Have created 3 aliased namely
X -> A
y ->A,B
z ->A,B,C

Have created 3 tcp client namely
nodes ip used for init
TCP_X -> node_1
TCP_Y -> node_2
TCP_Z -> node_3

when node_3 is down.
1)Query using TCP_Y Client on index y(Alias which points to index A and B)
a)count call is working fine.
b)Search call is getting timed_out.

Could you please let us know what have I done wrong if any?

When I am not quering on the index/alias associated with node3 why it is affecting other queries?

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