Access configuration values in new platform plugin

I have defined a visualization plugin for the new platform currently running on Kibana 7.8.2 (github version). Now I have realized I need to let users enter some configuration values in order to make the usage more dynamic. The question is just how I access this information.

I have defined a configuration schema for my plugin in config.ts

import { schema, TypeOf } from '@kbn/config-schema';

export const configSchema = schema.object({
    enabled: schema.boolean({ defaultValue: true }),
    dateformats: schema.object({ key: schema.string(), value: schema.string() })

This is as far as I have come. I do not understand where I should "register" this schema, and also where I later in my visualization component can access this value.

I think the best documented information is in the migration guide here:

You can check this example if it can help you.
You need to provide a compoenent (or html if you use BaseViz) that will capture user input (Options Tab), like this

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