Access Kibana through controller server

I have deployed an ECK on GKE following the Quickstart ECK documentation.

In order for the KIbana instance to be available, I have created a controller Ubuntu server and through that access the ECK cluster. I have already authenticated with "gcloud init etc." However, I cannot access the Kibana when I do the :

kubectl port-forward service/quickstart-kb-http 5601.

What I want to do is ssh to UBUNTU server and through that server access the KIbana on the cluster and make it visible to my local machine.

Hi @Cloud_newbie, thanks for your question.

It does seem this is a bit out of scope of ECK itself, but I think you are looking to forward port from your local machine to your Ubuntu server and then to your Kibana, is that right? Are you able to run port-forward successfully on that Ubuntu server? When it's running can you try ssh with -L switch on your local machine? I didn't test it but something similar to ssh -L 5601:localhost:5601 you@ubuntu should work.

Thank you @dkow for your immediate response.

Maybe I didn't describe well enough what I wanted to do.

I want anyone who connects to the Ubuntu server to have access to KIbana from their localhost. The Ubuntu server will be the medium to connect to the ECK. So the logical sequence is the following:

User ->Ubuntu Server->KIbana ECK on GCP
and access https://localhost:5601 from their local machine

When I tried: ssh -L 5601:localhost:5601 you@ubuntu
the server complained about:

"bind []:5601: Address already in use"

and when I access the https//localhost:5601 from my local machine it doesn't connect and receive:

channel 3: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused
channel 2: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused

from the Ubuntu server terminal.

Sorry for the long post :slight_smile:

Yes, that's what I understood from your first message :slight_smile: Did you run ssh command on user machine or server? It should be ran on user machine and you@ubuntu should be replaced by the Ubuntu server address. While running, connecting to localhost:5601 should allow you connecting to Kibana.

So to sum it up:

To establish connection between Ubuntu Server and Kibana you would use the kubectl port-forward service/quickstart-kb-http 5601 on the Ubuntu Server.

To establish connection between user and Ubuntu Server you'd use ssh with -L switch on user machine. After this is done, you should be able to connect from user machine through Ubuntu Server to Kibana.

While probably a bit different from your setup, I was able to establish such a connection from my box through a VM in GCP to Kibana in GKE.