Access nested keys in Groovy

Is there a way to easily check for the existence of a key and subsequently
access keys in complex object (nested, maybe at times 3 levels deep
simplified example doc:
"level1" : {
"level2" : {
"links" : ["", "", "",
"title" : "test123"

This doesn't seem to work (form what I can tell it never finds the key
level1.level2.links even when it does exist)

  "script" : "if (ctx._source.containsKey('level1.level2.links') ) 

{ctx._source.links_url_count = ctx._source['level1.level2.links''].size() }
else { ctx._source.links_url_count = 0 }"

Simple keys work though like ctx._source.containsKey('title')

Does it require intermediate checks for every level (which could be a messy

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