Access to matched_queries in Painless script

I am writing a Painless script in a Java-based search application, and I wondered if it is now possible to access the "matched_queries" value for named queries in order to better determine which clauses matched in a given search, because we are using custom scoring to rank our documents.

I saw a post from 2017 that said this wasn't possible at that time, and I was hoping that may have changed in the meantime.

Any help is much appreciated!

I did a quick scan across the source code but have not found anything with regards to matched_queries. Feel free to open a GitHub issue as a feature request, in which part of a search you would like to have this available.

Thanks, @spinscale . I appreciate you taking a look.

@spinscale I created an issue here, do you have any suggestions of alternatives in the meantime? If you read over that, you'll see what we're currently doing.

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