Accessing BinaryDocValues from a plugin

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if someone could clarify this for me: I am storing binary
arrays in an index as "stored, un-indexed, binary doc values" and later
reading the fields from a custom query, which implements required lucene
classes (Weight & Scorer).

Inside the scorer I am loading binaryDocValues for the segment (a snippet
is provided below).

When I look at BytgeRef br, it appears to have some sort of an offset
before the data is started, looks like a size of the buffer, but I am NOT
putting it there explicitly when importing the data via regular es means.
Also, this offset disappears if I request the document directly from the
reader and then access the field.

My question is: how do I properly handle the offset? it appears to be of
variable length? what I am doing below is a kludge...

I appreciate any pointers you might have!

Thank you,

class NYScorer extends Scorer {

private BinaryDocValues bdv = null;
private final String field;
private final IndexReader reader;

MyScorer(Weight weight, String field, IndexReader reader, float boost) {
    this.field = field;
    this.reader = reader;

public float score() throws IOException {
    if (bdv == null) {
        AtomicReader ar = (AtomicReader) reader;
        binaryDocValues = ar.getBinaryDocValues(field);

    BytesRef br = bdv.get(docID());
    int offset;
    if (br.bytes[2] == 0) {
        offset = 2;
    } else {
        offset = 3;
    // Do some stuff here


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