Accessing event data in an Kibana Alerts

I am trying to create a Kibana alert for a syslog that is captured by logstash and minimally parsed. The format is this:

<syslog_priority>process_name[pid]: message

The "message" portion is not parsed further, but it contains information which identifies the IP availability status in a network node. When the Kibana alert is triggered, I need this message to be displayed to identify where the issue is happening.

I created a Log Threshold alert which reads:

WITH program IS ip_availability
IS more than or equals 1
FOR THE LAST 5 minutes

The above is set to check every 1 minute, and to notify only on status change. It works as expected - the resulting message indicates that 'n' log entries match the condition. I tried printing {{context}}, but it doesn't seem to contain any data from the events that triggered the alert. My first question is, is there some way to access the log entries' data?

I have also attempted a workaround, which more or less works. I have added a GROUP BY message.keyword to the alert config above. This does cause each event with a different message to create its own alert group. Then, I set the message template as such: {{alertName}} - {{}}. As a result, {{}} holds the syslog message which triggered the alert, and each alert displays the original event which caused the alert.

However, there are a lot of glitches happening with this workaround. As soon as I enable GROUP BY message.keyword, the preview for the condition WITH program IS ip_availability in the Edit Alert screen stops working. I intermittently get timeout errors in the alert screen. The alerts themselves come through, but sometimes I get the alerts with a delay of 5 minutes, or even 30 minutes. Sometimes I get duplicate alerts, and sometimes I get no alert at all. I am guessing using "keyword" on a syslog message is a bad idea.

I apologize in advance if I am missing something silly, but can I please get some advice on the proper way to set this type of alert? Or, otherwise, how to fix/alleviate the problems with my GROUP BY workaround, or what I am doing wrong with it? Thank you in advance.

Have you checked {{context.hits}}? Creating an alert from an Elasticsearch query you have access to this variable that contains all the documents in the aggregation group.

Hope it helps!!

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Thank you, @jsanz! That definitely helps. It seems I am one minor version away (using Kibana 7.11.1, it seems it came out on 7.12).

If anyone else finds this, here is the github link for the change..

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