Accessing gzipped response with RestClient or RestHighLevelClient

Hi All,

I am using the Java RestClient to do a search against an Elasticsearch cluster, requesting a gzipped response by setting the 'Accept-Encoding' header to 'gzip'. Using Wireshark I can see that the Elastic cluster returns gzipped content.

My question is - how can I access the still gzipped content from my Java code?

When doing;

byte[] bytes = EntityUtils.toByteArray(response.getEntity());


byte[] bytes = response.getEntity().getContent().readAllBytes();

bytes contains the decompressed response.




Why would you need the compressed content? I'm curious.

I believe that the client knows how to deal with uncompressed or compressed content...
And do whatever is needed to give back the requested POJO.

Hi David,

Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

I need the compressed response because I would like to forward it - still compressed - to another service that will then decompress and deserialize.


I have no idea if this is possible and if the underlying lib can do that.

But, if it's doable, I guess you would need to use the LowLevel Client instead.

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