Accessing Redis cache for dynamic keys

While using redis input plugin, it requires a key to be specified in the configuration only.

Is there any way to build key using another data source for which we can use redis cache?

The same functionality is available for Memcache though.

I need to create a key using fields coming from the UDP packets.
input {
udp {
host => ""
port => 5555
codec => netflow {
versions => [5, 9, 10]

redis {
host => ""
port => 6340
password => ""


redis is an input, memcache is a filter. logstash can build a key for a filter, but not for an input. Would referencing an environment variable help?

Then is there any filter available for redis cache or to be build in the future?

It is not supported by Elastic, but there is an open source redis filter.

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