Redis filter/mutate for LogStash

I would like to use Redis as a cache, look up key:value data to enrich messages in a mutate filter. An example would be IP:MAC association. The pipeline looks like:

Input from Redis -> Filter/Mutate with regex/grok, enrich with data looked up from Redis -> Output to ElasticSearch.

Any pointers? Write a custom filter?

There appears to be a filter for DNS lookup.

You'd have to DIY here.

A Redis filter could be written, or requested. There's already an elasticsearch filter.


Thanks for the replies. @theuntergeek by request do you mean I should file a Jira ticket?

JIRA is deprecated. A request to the Logstash team can be made at

Just making a request does not mean it will become available soon. But making one may alert the community to the desire, and perhaps someone will write it before the Logstash team can.

Chances are you'll get what you want sooner if you write it yourself.


Of course. Thanks @theuntergeek