Accessing scores for highlight snippets?


Is there a simple way to access the scores assigned by the highlighter to the returned snippets?
Looking in the source code this seems impossible because the scores of the snippets are not returned although they are used for ranking the snippets to select the best ones. Am I missing something? Or do you know the reason for not returning these scores?

I have read read the discussion here (Does elasticsearch support minimum score in highlight query?) which seems related to my question.


This isn't exposed right now, no. This'd probably be possible with some of the highlighters and not others. Scores would be super inconsistent across highlighters too but they could be used for comparison between snippets on the same document.

You could certainly open an issue to request the feature.

Thanks, Nik! I just wanted to be sure that I am not missing something.
I guess there are few use-cases where this information might be useful.