Accessing the value of a dynamic key in an object

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Partial mapping of one of my index is as follows:

"schools": {
  "type": "object",
  "dynamic": true,
  "properties": {}

A sample schools object of an existing document is:

"schools": {
  "8291": {
    "max": 11,
    "min": 11
  "3546": {
    "max": 12,
    "min": 10
  "3896": {
    "max": 18,
    "min": 12

I have painless script in ES6.2 where dynamically key (e.g. 3896) is computed on runtime and passed to script as a parameter

"script": {
  "params": {
    "key": key
  "source": {
    if (doc.containsKey('schools') && doc.schools.containsKey(key)){
      String dynamic_key = "schools."+key+".min";
      return doc[dynamic_key].value;
    } else {
      return 0;

So if passed key value is 3896, then this should return 12. But I get an error message

No field found for [schools.3896.min] in mapping with types [myindexname]

What am I doing wrong? What is the correct way to access a dynamic object where a key name is computed on runtime to fetch its value?

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How many different values under "schools" are you going to have in your index?

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@Igor_Motov at a particular time it would be 72, but these kay names changes every week.

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Do you have a daily or weekly indices? If not, increasing the number of dynamic fields is not going to be as sustainable solution.

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No, I don't have weekly/daily indices.

(Igor Motov) #6

In this case I would try to avoid having dynamic fields here. What kind of searches are you planning to do with data and what are you trying to achieve by using the script?

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